Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

This task has been adapted from the basis of the excellent Don Steward task found here

To obtain the values in the empty spaces simply add the surrounding cells. I have run this with S3 asking them to complete as fractions, other members in the department have left it up to the pupils with some interesting results. This approach could generate some interesting class discussion, Pupil X has used this strategy, can you explain why? Has anyone used a different strategy? Which of these is the most efficient etc.

Basically, this is an exercise of adding FDP but in a different context. This a great way to use Dylan Wiliam’s Find and Fix the mistake strategy. If pupils made 3 errors I would say you have 3 mistakes, find and fix them.

A really worthwhile task in build fluency with these operations
The grid has scope for other areas; decimals, integers, simplifying expressions, surds, indices and even basic addition/subtraction. 

Credit:  @canning_mrmaths

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