Fraction Tables

This task serves several purposes.

First, the idea that multiplication by a fraction and ‘fraction of’ are the same idea is to the fore.

Second, pupils get experience in counting in fractional increments.

Third, the task serves to consolidate the rich tapestry of links around multiplication facts, fractions and factors.

The task gets increasingly challenging. Some of tables can be reasoned out quite easily. Others can be established by “looking along”. For instance. Task 5 involves multiplication by 32. The fact that 32 appears in this number line can be used to arrive at the other values. By the end of task 6 the demand is quite high as 57 isn’t mentioned on the number link. However, understanding of 9 as 3 x 3 can help pupils to reason this out.

As always, this task is one of a sequence of tasks. The rich conversation around about the tasks is essential. Not a worksheet as such. 6 tasks to be considered, in turn, each with accompanying discussion.

Download PDF

Credit: @chrismcgrane84


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