I’ve uploaded lots of fraction tasks on this site (35 at most recent count). This is a topic for which I’ve spent a lot of time engaging in reading, inquiring in my own teaching and iterating various task ideas. I’ve led lots of workshops with teachers on this topic and engaged in many professional conversations with teachers. Everyone seems to agree it is hard to get it right. I think, after 16 years of trying to get it right, I’ve come to some sense of how we might do better.

As such, I’m delighted to offer a new CPD course focused on the conceptual development of fractions.

The 60 minute view on-demand video workshop covers

  • A range of ideas and strategies for teaching fractions
  • Research on the implications of fraction knowledge and how they can be learned
  • A look at the many meanings of fraction and why this matters
  • Understanding the progression of fraction concepts
  • How to use a connectionist approach to make fractions intuitive
  • How to develop mental fluency in fraction work

This course is suitable for both upper primary and secondary teachers.

Cost: £10 (includes ability to download the video and keep for future reference)

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