Higher Maths

Very much a work in progress. Over time I hope to compile some quality tasks for use at SQA Higher Maths. This stuff is arranged in the old (proper) order for Higher. None of that crazy SQA unit order here!

Model Paper for Special 2021 Arrangements

Straight Line


Trigonometry (Unit One)

Logs and Exponentials (Unit One)

Differentiation (Unit One)

Recurrence Relations


A note: I don’t use synthetic division, so you won’t get resources which specifically focus on that technique. However, you might like my article: https://startingpointsmaths.wordpress.com/2019/05/10/a-progression-from-long-multiplication-to-algebraic-long-division/ This gives a deep dive on the rationale for using grid model instead.


Integration (Unit Two)

Trigonometry (Unit Two)


Further Calculus