Task Design Book

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If we want our pupils to develop fluency, understanding and the ability to solve complex problems, then it is vital that teachers develop the ability to select, adapt and design appropriate mathematical tasks.

In “Mathematical Tasks:  The Bridge Between Teaching and Learning”, Chris McGrane explores a range of practical approaches, strategies and principles behind the design and effective use of tasks in the mathematics classroom that lead to all pupils becoming successful learners.

First-hand interviews with world class mathematics education experts and practicing teachers bring to life the ideas behind how tasks can act as a bridge between what the teacher wants the pupil to make sense of and what the pupil actually does makes sense of; tasks are how we enable pupils to enact mathematics – it is only by being mathematical that pupils can truly make connections across mathematical ideas and understand the bigger picture.

This is a book for classroom teachers.  Chris McGrane offers a range of practical examples for nurturing deep learning in mathematics that can be adapted and embedded in one’s own classroom practice.

This is also a book for those who are interested in the theory behind tasks.  Chris and his interviewees examine the key role tasks play in shaping learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment.

This book is suitable for teachers at all stages in their careers and teachers are encouraged to return to the book from time to time over the years to notice how their use of tasks in the classroom changes as they themselves develop.


“This wonderful book is a treasure house of beautifully designed mathematics tasks from authentic classroom experience in all school phases. 

Tasks are the heart of lessons, and a range of design principles are explained and exemplified, varying according to purpose and mathematical focus. 

The book oozes with respect for teachers’ thinking as well as being founded in extensive knowledge about teaching and learning mathematics. 

It presents the wisdom and experience, tested in practice, of many mathematics teachers and educators, describing their work and making their principles and practices available for others to use.”

Anne Watson, Emeritus Professor – University of Oxford