Fraction Pyramids

You can download a PDF of this here: Download Here

This task is based upon the common pyramid structure.  It gets quite challenging, rather quickly.  There are a few basic ones to gives kids some confidence but after that the demands ramps up.   

Question 12 is designed as a real challenge for pupils working at early secondary level.  

I have included the condition of not using zero, but you can add more, which I would do:

  • Can you try to complete a pyramid without repeating a fraction appearing twice in it?
  • Fully simplify all of your fractions
  • Try to do as much of this mentally as possible.  Only use written methods when you absolutely need to. 
An alternative to question 12 for some pupils might be to investigate the sum of each of the rows, then sum the three row totals and see how it compares to the top cell. 

PS: Something else I’ve been working on is the presentation of my tasks.  Hopefully regular users can see the difference.  Big change is moving over to using Pages and LaTeX on my Mac instead of Word!

Credit: @chrismcgrane84

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