Quadratic Inequalities – DSSD

In a twist on Craig Barton’s SSDD problems, I sometimes find that Different Surface, Same Depth (DSSD) problems can be useful.  I find this sort of task more impactful some time after pupils have first encountered the idea.  If we were working quadratic inequalities then I issued this, there might be an assumption that’s what would be involved here too.  Instead, some weeks later I will issue this task.  Pupils first of all have to discern that a quadratic inequality has arisen and then be able to solve it.  Many pupils, in my experience, fail to identify quadratic inequalities when they arise in other contexts.  Of course, when I issue this task I will not tell pupils that quadratic inequalities are present.  Instead, I’ll let them stumble upon it.  

Credit: @chrismgrane84

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