Angles Pile Up

I’ve had some superb tasks submitted as part of the Task Design course I am currently running. This is up there with one of the best. It comes from Craig Borwick. Reminiscent of the Pythagoras and Trig pile up tasks which, I think, originated with Michael Alan.


One comment

  1. Thank you for posting this task! Specifically, I think that the challenge questions are substantive enough to be extended into a larger project. Since this task requires students to come up with a product that hypothetically involves all the topics covered in a typical high school geometry course, I believe a project, based on this task, would be an engaging and creative way for students to demonstrate their knowledge. To ensure students integrate a wide variety of geometric properties, I would want to create a well-defined rubric (i.e. Pile-Up must contain 1 regular polygon to get full points).


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