This task from Mark Scanlan (Hillhead HS)  at first appears to be minimally different practice.  However, as is often the case – the task is only as good as the questioning from the teacher.  

Questions a and b are the reverse of each other – focusing learners on the commutative law.  Similarly for c and d.  Connections can be drawn between parts e, f and g.   Part h and part i are multiples of parts a and c respectively.  

Points to notice:  Consider the result of x = -4 substituted into x – 2.  What might the we expect the result to be when x = -4 is substituted in 4x-8? Or When x = -4 is substituted into x + 3, what about when we double the value of x and we also double the expression we are substituting into, e.g. x = -8 into 2x + 6?  


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